Saudi Ceramics Annual Reports

Saudi Ceramic Co.(شركة الخزف السعودي)
Last Trade Price30.1
Last Trade Quantity2500
Last Update Time25-Feb-2017 07:50
High Price30.10
Low Price29.80
Prev Close Price30.11
Ask Price30.20
Ask Quantity6100
Bid Price30.10
Bid Quantity2358
No Of Trades123
Turn Over1757257.80
Volume Traded58682.0
Avg Trade Size477
Change Amount-0.01
Change Percentage-0.03
Change in 52 Weeks-19.95
52 Week High Price27-Apr-2016
52 Weeks High Price44.30
52 Week Low Date19-Oct-2016
52 Weeks Low Price22.30
Start Of Year Price33.60
Year Ago Price37.60
Three year Ago Price97.50
Book Value36.46
Close Price30.10
Market Cap1,505.00
Number Of Shares50.000
Number Of Shares Floated37.854
PB Value0.82
PE Ratio61.32