Saudi ceramic company participated last month in (ISH) exhibition held in Frankfurt City, Germany. It is one of the world's largest fairs for various construction materials, sanitary ware, air conditioning, heating, and energy installations.

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"الخزف السعودية" تتعاقد على مشروع لإعادة تدوير فاقد الطاقة الحرارية

وقعت شركة الخزف السعودية مؤخرا مع احدى الشركات العالمية المتخصصة في مجال إعادة تدوير الطاقة عقدا يتيح لها إعادة استخدام فاقد الحرارة الناتجة من بعض أفران مصانع البلاط مرة أخرى في العمليات الإنتاجية بدلا من استخدام الوقود مما سيخفض إستهلاك الغاز الطبيعي ويقلل تكلفته بحوالي 15% .

"Saudi Ceramics" shines in Milan

Saudi Ceramic Company recently participated in the MCE exhibition in Milan, Italy last March 2016, where they showcased their products among other companies specializing in various areas of heating systems.

Highlighted in SCC’s stand at the exhibition was its latest electrical water heating products including solar water heaters, small sizes 10 and 15 liters, Smart and energy saving.

The exhibit saw an overwhelming response from the visitors and received a lot of information about the company’s products and manufacturing of electric water heaters as well as its production capacity and expansion. This will in turn attract new markets in both Europe and North Africa, Central America and Latin America.

It is noteworthy that SCC is one of the first Arab and Middle Eastern companies to join this international exhibition which is held once every two years.