Our Products

Porcelain Tiles

Saudi Ceramic Company is the first porcelain producer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, producing long-lasting porcelain of superior quality. Featuring a wide range of porcelain tiles including normal, polished and glazed, the porcelain tiles have an elegant look, have heavy weight endurance and cover a diversity of sizes and designs.







Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles are produced according to the norms of international standards. Saudi Ceramic Company produces a variety of ceramic tiles including wall tiles, floor tiles and decoration tiles, featuring innovative textures and varnishes. There is also a section for producing decoration tiles, skirting tiles and tile accessories of different sizes and designs.






Sanitary ware

A wide collection of premium sanitary ware made of vitreous china available in different colors as well as beautiful designs. The company also produces an assorted range of accessories, to complement its brands, such as soap holders, toilet paper holders and towel rails.






Bathroom Accessories

Saudi Ceramic Company offers a wide collection of bathroom accessories that enhances the beauty of its sanitary ware. The accessories include mirrors, mixers, bathtubs, toilet seat covers, flushing systems, as well as grout and tile adhesive materials and other various materials for the fixing of tiles.






Electric Water Heaters

Saudi Ceramic Company electric water heaters are produced to have extreme safety standards and a high durability due to their rust resistance and a special enamel coating from inside. The company produces various heaters of different sizes and shapes, and central water heaters as well.






Ceramic Road Markers

Ceramic road markers are considered an ideal alternative to road steel markers, as they are easy to install, have endless visibility day and night and have a high-durability in bad weather conditions. In addition, they are safer for vehicles. The company produces those markers in two basic colors, yellow and white: each color performs a specific traffic purpose.